The Complete MUSIC Package!

Our programming provides affiliates unique editorial tools including cross-channel content and exciting consumer promotions to drive revenue and audience growth.

American Weekend Entertainment keeps music fans up to date on all things music, from studio to stage and everything in between.


Music Daily is unique, entertaining and segmented music content. Topical, credible, and fast paced, M:D is offered as either five (5) sixty to ninety second features or one (1) two and a half minute program weekly. Both are available for media outlets to customize, package and distribute across all platforms.

Each weekday, M:D features the latest music news plus a quick look at:

New studio projects

Upcoming tours

Talent spotlights

Trending cuts and releases

Targeting a passionate base of music fans.


MUSIC WEEKEND is a 30 minute (22/08) extended version of Music Daiiy providing a deeper look into:

Echoes - music milestones

InStudio - New studio projects

OnTour - Upcoming tours

ListenUP - Talent spotlights

HearThis - Trending cuts and releases

M:W is avaialable to media partners on a 50/50 bater barter basis.


American Weekend Entertainment will be producing several live music specials in coordination with major music events including:

Albumn Premiers

Festival Coverage

Tour Finales

New Artist Showcases