Music Daily℠

An authentic and fast paced short-form feature that provides music fans a taste of the information they crave about the artists they love… who’s recording, releasing, trending, and touring.

Available in :30s, :60s or longer vignette formats, Music Daily is programmed for the core artists that best resonate with the target audience. The top stories are curated, sourced and licensed to produce a custom content feature that includes branded billboards, bumpers/wipes, commercials and persistent logo placement. Segments include:

  • ListenUp - music related headlines of the day
  • Chronicles - anniversaries, birthdays, historical scrapbook
  • Sessions - new in-studio projects
  • Trendsetters - new artists pushing the limits
  • OnStage - new tour and festival announcements
  • Downstream - new releases and top streaming tracks
  • TurnStyles - current trend in fashion and music
  • Artist Profile - multi segment spotlight

GenX-Boomer :60 (un-branded)

GenX-Boomer :90 (un-branded)